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Project Description
This application offers users of PSS Airbus the sound extension (like electricity, air-conditioning, apu) for standard PSS Airbus 32x planes. Tested with FS2004 and PSS A319. No sound files are distribute with the package, but explaining manual, how to achieve them, is included.

REMARK ! The instalation itself does not contain any sound files (any wav files), because I uses the sounds from other planes from FS and their sharing here will broke their copyright. However, documentation ( contains information how to simply achieve and use some files form FS. Of course, you can replace the sound file by your own.

REMARK ! To correct work of the system the application have to be calibrated. Again, see the documentation section of this page.

The PSS Airbus Sound Extender extends the standard sound of Airbus planes in the FS2004 (where the application is tested, but it might work in FSX too). It enables (in the default configuration) the environment by sounds of:
  • both packs
  • APU unit
  • possibly cockpit electrical sound


I have no idea if it is real or it si not - I haven't been in the airplanes cockpit during the flight, but it IMHO extends the experience of the game.

How it does work
The application runs completely externally from flight simulator. It does not affect or change the origin game in any way. It checkes for clicks on specific areas, where overhead buttons are located and according to the clicks (and their coordinates) it launches/stopps desired system.

If system is launched, application starts to play the wav sound connected to the launched system and plays it repeately until system is stopped.

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